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RE: Dr. Rao Konduru’s Publications:
       Reversing Obesity
       Reversing Sleep Apnea
       Reversing Insomnia

        Dr. Rao Konduru, PhD is a patient of mine who has suffered from chronic diabetes for most of his life; He also suffered from uncontrollable obesity, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia for the past 3 to 4 years. He has managed to reverse all of these conditions by taking non-pharmacological and science-based natural measures with great success. He has created 3 how-to user guides/books with regard to how he achieved this, and I recommend these books for anyone suffering from these conditions.


Dr. Ali Ghahary, MD
Brentwood Medical Clinic
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



Dear Rao,
I read your book this weekend and it is an impressively comprehensive and extremely well-documented review of the broad spectrum of therapies available to treat and help relieve sleep apnea. You are to be heartily congratulated on a finely-researched and very practical work that will be accessible and useful to a wide audience of readers. I wish you every success.

Best regards,

Mr. Martin R. Hoke
RhinoSystems, Inc.
Brooklyn Heights, OH-44131



This book “Reversing Sleep Apnea” is the true story of Dr. RK’s yet another victory, this time over obstructive sleep apnea. We have read the book cover to cover. We were blown away by its extremely impressive contents, the breathtaking performance of Dr. RK and by the successful results he achieved.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is one of the most difficult sleep disorders that can ever be reversed by anyone in a lifetime. But Dr. RK did it in 22 months with courage, wisdom, diligence and discipline. Perhaps he is the only one in the entire world who did it to this perfection. His extensive scientific research experience and his powerful knowledge have helped him battle and combat this dangerous life challenge, and emerge a winner. This victory came along with his glorious victory over obesity, for which we all should be proud.

This book has all the information about therapies, resources and research that every sleep apnea patient, practicing doctor, nurse or technician would ever need, in a quick glance. Grab your copy sooner rather than later.

 - Prime Publishing Co.
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada


If you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, this book “Reversing Sleep Apnea” ought to be your go-to guide. After living with this disorder for 22 months, Dr. RK invented a cure for his obstructive sleep apnea by identifying and removing the root cause of it. It is indeed the right way to do it.

I really appreciate the time and effort he has put into explaining the fundamentals of snoring, sleep apnea and various helpful home-based therapies with easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions. More interestingly, he teaches us how to know if a therapy is working or not.

A must-read book for anyone with sleep apnea!

       - Ms. Muriel D'Souza, Advertising Copywriter, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, whether severe, moderate or mild, it is a life challenge to deal with and battle with because of the careless and unhealthy living habits you have adopted. You have been eating out way too often, not exercising enough, and have been adding pounds to your weight. Obesity is the major cause of obstructive sleep apnea. It is your responsibility to accept the challenge and take quick action against this sleep disorder you have developed.
With determination and steadfastness, you can not only improve your condition, but also strengthen your ability to respond to your body’s functionality and lead a much better life. You should always remember that knowledge is the power, so you must equip your mind with a deep understanding of sleep apnea by collecting as much information as possible, and by reading and researching a lot. Get ready to battle.
Your biggest decision is to commit to setting goals and objectives, focusing on your goal and staying focused until you fully manifest your goal. Motivation, commitment, a strong desire to succeed, self-discipline and high willpower are the essential qualities you need to implement on yourself to be successful. By awakening the giant within yourself, you can become a sleep apnea guru.
You will love learning and mastering the concept of eating whole foods only and avoiding processed and refined foods. You will become an active member of a local gym, and start exercising every day. It is very likely that you will lose some weight naturally without ever using drugs or hunger suppressants prescribed by your doctor. Even some 10 to 20 pounds of weight loss would have a significant impact on your sleep apnea progress. The number of sleep apnea events per hour during your sleep would significantly decline, switching you from severe to moderate or from moderate to mild sleep apnea, and allowing you to feel a lot better than you have ever felt since your diagnosis.
However a substantial weight loss that lowers your Body Mass Index (BMI) to perfectly normal (18.5 to 24.9 Kg/m 2) would completely wipe out sleep apnea from your body. This is a proven fact, believe it or not. You will be amazed to witness your own breathtaking performance and live with a joyous feeling as your overnight pulse oximetry tests would reveal that your sleep apnea has just been reversed, and that you are free. You would declare yourself a proud winner in the battle against sleep apnea. Many surrounding people would be intimidated, become envious and a few even surprised.

You would no longer be sleeping with the CPAP machine. You could pack your CPAP machine and accessories in a bag and leave it in your closet or even sell it off on Craigslist. This is what exactly happened to Dr. RK who wrote the book “Reversing Sleep Apnea.”         

 - Prime Publishing Co.


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You don't need a full-face CPAP mask, which is very uncomfortable and annoying to sleep with.
Many people give up CPAP, and look for mouthpieces after being annoyed and fed up with full-face masks.
“Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Gel Nasal Pillow Mask” is the most comfortable, easy to use and enjoyable CPAP mask.
You just have to hook up or plug in the CPAP hose to the mask that goes to your nose, and adjust the straps.
IMPORTANT: You need to tailor your own cotton cover, wrapping around the straps, or you can use children’s socks,
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That way, your mask lasts for years, and you don’t have to buy it every few months.
Pillows cushion is available in three sizes (small, medium, & large), and size doesn’t matter.

The sleep apnea patient in the picture is wearing the "Nuance Pro Gel Nasal Pillow Mask."
It is very simple, comfortable and very easy to wear.



The Following Table Tells The Whole Story About
How Dr. RK Reveresed His Obstructive Sleep Apnea!
Proof That Sleep Apnea Can Be Reversed By Losing Weight!
Date Desat Index Highest SpO2 Lowest SpO2 Mean SpO2 Waist Weight Weight BMI (Kg/m 2) Assessment
Normal 0 to 4 Events/hr 96% to 99% 90% to 99% 96% to 99% < 34" < 70 Kg < 155 Lb 18.5 to 24.9  

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Independent Respiratory Services (IRS), Burnaby, BC, Canada


 First Diagnosed With Moderate Sleep Apnea (Desaturation Index=22.7 Events/hr).

07-Feb-2015 22.7 98% 75% 94.60% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
19-Feb-2015 17.3 98% 71% 94.10% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Mainland Sleep Diagnostics Ltd, Burnaby, BC, Canada

06-Apr-2015 23.6 100% 69% 94.90% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
07-Apr-2015 28.0 99% 76% 95.10% 44" 86 Kg 191 Lb 30.5 Obese
28-Dec-2015 6.9 98% 87% 95.90% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
29-Dec-2015 7.2 100% 84% 96.10% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
30-Dec-2015 8.4 99% 83% 95.90% 37" 78 Kg 173 Lb 27.6 Overweight
29-Mar-2016 4.8 100% 88% 96.30% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
30-Mar-2016 2.9 99% 89% 96.20% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
31-Mar-2016 4.6 99% 86% 95.70% 36" 77 Kg 171 Lb 27.3 Overweight
18-Nov-2016 1.2 100% 91% 97.00% 33" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal
19-Nov-2016 1.3 100% 86% 97.00% 33" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal

 Overnight Oximetry Test Results Without CPAP by Clinical Sleep Solutions, Burnaby, BC, Canada

29-Nov-2016 0.6 99% 89% 96.20% 32" 68 Kg 151 Lb 24.1 Normal

P.S.: CPAP Discontinued for 1 to 2 Weeks Prior to All Overnight Oximetry Tests.


  Sleep Apnea is diagnosed by monitoring the oxygen desaturation index.


Desaturation Index


      BMI (Kg/m 2) Assessment
  0 - 4 Events/hr Normal (No Sleep Apnea)       18.5 - 24..9 Underweight
  5 - 14 Events/hr Mild Sleep Apnea       18.5 - 24..9 Normal
  15 - 29 Events/hr Moderate Sleep Apnea       25.0 - 29..9 Overweight
  ≥ 30 Events/hr Severe Sleep Apnea       ≥ 30 Obese

            Sample Calculation of BMI: My Height = 1.68 m; BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (m) 2 = 86 / 1.68 2 =  30.5 Kg/m 2 = Obese


As shown in the aforementioned tables, when I was first diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, my overnight pulse oximtetry test done on 07-Feb-2015 showed that my desaturation index was 22 events/hr. When I repeated the test on 07-Apr-2015, my desaturation index went up to 28 events/hr, which means I would soon be diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (if the desaturation index is ≥ 30 events/hr, that indicates severe sleep apnea). With severe sleep apnea, I knew that I could suffocate due to the blocked airway and die in my sleep. I therefore took action and awakened the giant within myself. My extensive reading and research suggested that "I need to lose weight immediately." I was then committed to losing weight and created my very own weight-loss diet incorporating daily exercise. It was an uphill battle (it was exactly like fighting against a devil) because sleep apnea prevents weight loss. Even if I went to gym and ran on treadmill twice a day, the stubborn fat refused to melt away. But finally I accomplished my weight loss goal after making drastic changes in my diet.
After losing 40 pounds of weight and 12 inches around the waist, naturally without ever using drugs or supplements, my Body Mass Index (BMI) dropped from 30.5 (obese) to 24.1 (perfectly normal). The Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) from an overnight pulse oximetry test dropped from a high-risk 28 events/hr to a stunning 0.6 event/hr in 22 months, and I finally reversed my moderate sleep apnea. The CPAP therapy, being the best treatment available currently, controls sleep apnea and keeps the SpO2 level (percentage saturation of blood oxygen level) normal only during its usage. It is important to note that CPAP does not cure sleep apnea. But weight loss cures and reverses obstructive sleep apnea.
However I must watch my weight constantly and prevent it from regaining through caution, care, self-discipline and willpower. As long as I maintain normal body weight, my obstructive sleep apnea should remain reversed.  



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The author of this book titled “Reversing Sleep Apnea” assumes no liability or responsibility including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury or wrongful death resulting from the use of any treatment method presented in this book. Misusing the sleep apnea treatment procedures with inexperience and carelessness could lead to adverse side effects. For example, the misuse of a fingure-pulse oximeter for the overnight pulse oximetry test at home with carelessness could lead to erroneous and misleading results. The misuse of CPAP machine and mask without appropriate knowledge, caution and care could develop air-leaks during the sleep. A reader should seek appropriate medical advice when using the methods illustrated in this book. All contents of this book are for educational purpose only and do not in any way represent professional medical advice.




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